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IOBSE 2018 Spring Conference Dates

Conference Agenda Highlights:

Tuesday, April 24
6:00PM – 8:00PM
Presidents Welcome Reception
Sheraton Stonebriar
Wednesday, April 25
8:00AM – 5:00PM
Speaker: Marvin Ellison, CEO JCPenney
Conference Day 1 – JCPenney HQ
Free night
Thursday, April 26
8:00AM – 3:00PM
Conference Day 2 – JCPenney HQ
6:30PM – 11:00PM
Black Tie Founders & Awards Dinner Sheraton Stonebriar



2017 Spring Conference Wrap-Up

Hosted by Walmart
April 25-27, 2017
Bentonville, AK

 Walmart hosted the 2017 
IOBSE Spring Conference

The IOBSE 2017 Conference Presentations


Highlights of the 2017 conference!
(in .pdf format)

Build a Great LinkedIn Profile

Critical Infrastructure Protection -
Commercial Facilities Sector

Cybersecurity - The Real Threat

Improve, Adapt, Overcome: Letting Go of
the Familiar and Embracing the New

Prescription Drug Abuse and Investigations

The Unwritten Rules in Corporate America

Threat & Crisis Workbook, Dr. Larry Barton (word doc)

Turning Risk Into Opportunity

Workplace Violence & Active Shooter

Thank You to all our 2017 Sponsors!

IOBSE 2017 Spring Conference Sponsors

IOBSE began conducting annual spring seminars at Jackson State University in Jackson, Mississippi.

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2012: Hoffman Estates (Chicago), IL - Theme: “Celebrating the Past, Embracing the Future”

2011: Bentonville, Arkansas - Theme: “Building your Brand”

2010: Orlando, Florida - Theme: “Building a Foundation for our Future”

2009: Arlington, VA

2008: Minneapolis, MN

2007: Orlando, Florida - Theme: “A quarter century of World Class leadership”

2006: Orlando, FL - Theme: "Educating for the Future of Security"

2005: Detroit, MI - Theme: "Keeping Step with the Changing Face of Security"

2004: Washington, DC - Theme: "Re- Evaluating Security Preparedness Post September 11, 2001"

2003: Atlanta, GA - Theme: "Developing Tools to Combat the New Opponent, Terrorism"

2002: New Orleans, LA - Theme: "Back to the Beginning: Celebrating 20 Years of Achievement in the Security Industry"

2001: Chicago, IL - Theme: "Diversity in Security for the 21st Century"

2000: Washington, DC - Theme: "Facing Security Challenges in the New Millennium"

1999: San Franciso, CA - Theme: "Sailing into the New Millenium"

1998: Dallas TX - Theme: "Paving The Way, Security Beyond the Year 2000"

1997: Atlanta, GA - Theme: "From Whence We Have Come"

1996: New York, New York

1995: Detroit, Michigan

1994: Washington, DC

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