Why was IOBSE established?2019-11-25T19:32:17-06:00

The International Organization of Black Security Executives (IOBSE) was founded in 1982 by Black Security Executives concerned about the relatively small number of minority professionals, and the role black security professionals could have in helping young people.

How frequently does the National organization meet?2019-11-25T19:32:35-06:00

Twice during the year, Fall Reception (at the ASIS security conference) and at the annual Spring Conference different sites around the U.S. (Hosted by the national IOBSE office)

Must I work full time as a Security Professional to become an IOBSE Member?2019-11-25T19:32:53-06:00

Yes, with the exception of full time college students.

What are the requirements to become a member of IOBSE?2019-11-25T19:33:19-06:00

Active Members
Includes individuals who are either a Director, Manager, Supervisor, or exempt level Security Practitioner; or Law Enforcement Executive Official; security contractor/ vendor at the Executive, Managerial, or Supervisory level; or Educators providing education or administering educational programs in security, criminal justice, law enforcement, or closely related programs at accredited Colleges or Universities.

Associate Members
Includes individuals who are qualified by security related education, training and experience.

Student Members
Includes individuals attending an accredited College or University pursuing an Undergraduate and/or Graduate degree in Law Enforcement, Criminal Justice, Security Management, or related field(s).

International Membership
Membership in the IOBSE extends to Nigeria, Jamaica, and other countries. The IOBSE continues to establish chapters abroad to fulfill the mission of the Organization.

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