Bobby Louissaint

Bobby Louissaint is a distinguished figure and luminary in the realm of security technology, presently serving as the Head of Technical Partnership Engagement at Meta within the global shared services and technology division. Over his career, he has transformed from a proficient technologist into a key thought leader, his firm grasp of technical solution delivery has propelled him to the forefront of the security industry. Prior to Meta, Bobby made significant strides as National Accounts Director of the West at ADT/Tyco/JCI, where he shepherded a solutions-driven team, forging robust partnerships with Fortune 500 companies to provide comprehensive physical security and life safety solutions in support of their business operations.

In his executive role at Ambient AI, Bobby demonstrated acumen for managing strategic client and channel partnerships, spurring growth in sales, innovation, and collaboration. At Meta, he is instrumental in pioneering new business development pathways, adeptly leveraging both internal and external partnerships. Bobby’s strategic initiatives consistently deliver tangible results, perfectly aligned with overarching business goals. His extraordinary leadership skills and inherent talent for cultivating powerful partnerships solidify his status as a vital player in the technology industry. Always committed to excellence and forward-thinking, Bobby continues to influence the technology landscape, driving significant change within Meta’s global ecosystem.